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Trackless Retractable Pool & Sunroom

36 Sargent Drive
Bethany, CT 06524
Tel: 203.393.7292
Call Us: (toll free US & Canada)

36 Sargent Drive
Bethany, CT 06524

Tel: 203.393.7292
Fax: 203.286.2012
Call Us: (toll free US & Canada)
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Some Of Our Other Product Offerings:

* Sunrooms
* Restaurant Enclosures
* Patio Enclosures
* Deck Enclosures
* Retractable Skylights
* Pool Enclosures
* Rolling Walls/Partitions
* Golf Shelters
* Smoking Rooms

* Industrial Equipment Enclosures
* Hot Tub Enclosures
* Walkways
* Greenhouses
* Inside/Outside Banquet Cabanas
* Retractable Canopies
* Airport Hangers
* Vestibules
* Roll-A-Trailers
* Custom Applications Available!


Roll A Cover and myself have been the recipients of over 12 North American awards in the past 2 years and with the Forbes award for Business excellence and professionalism our successes and efforts have now become recognized as the industry leaders in the sunrooms and retractable enclosure industry. Many companies have touted their own products and companies successes, but Roll A Cover has proved their industry standing by being honored by the highest levels of industry leadership.  At Roll A Cover we strive for excellence and customer satisfaction and our ability to set standards in the enclosure industry.  As we always say here at Roll A Cover, "We've got you covered!"

Michael P. Morris


Roll-A-Cover, Intl.

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